It’s Still a Big World

The Daily Beast has a travel column called: It’s Still a Big World. The premise is one I can fully get behind: highlighting underrated destinations and making an argument as to why travelers should consider planning a trip.

I recently contributed to the column, making the case for Augusta, Georgia, a city best known as the home of the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club, but as it turns out, home to much more.

I learned about the music and style of James Brown at the Augusta Museum of History, browsed independent book shops, and tasted locally-brewed beer. In the same afternoon, I glided along the Augusta Canal during a peaceful boat tour and explored a buzzing outdoor market on the city’s Riverwalk on the banks of the Savannah River.

Take a look at the story for more reasons to travel to Augusta, including several veteran-owned shops, a new distillery with tasting tours, and festivals throughout the year. After a few days spent in Augusta, I was reminded that within my own country there’s still so much more to see.


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