Best of 2018, in Photos

In 2018, I zipped through Rome on the back of a Vespa, traveled to Scotland to learn about how Scotch is made, and explored the countryside in Iceland. Here are a few favorite moments in 2018, captured in photographs on Instagram.

The year had a peaceful start with a few quiet days in the Irish countryside, complete with afternoon tea.

In the spring, I wandered through back streets of Rome, made fresh pasta in Abruzzo, and relaxed by the shores of Lake Como.

Sunshine greeted me in Scotland when I traveled on assignment to learn about how Scotch is made.

Straight after landing in Reykjavik, I went to the Blue Lagoon for a soak in the thermal waters.

The Icelandic coast was full of surprises.

Montauk in the fall is an ideal writer’s retreat.

Central Park was at its November best during a Sunday stroll.

There are many ways to warm up during a winter trip to Ireland, from Irish coffee to whiskey by the fire.

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