Best of 2017, in Photos

In 2017, I traveled to the home of traditional balsamic vinegar in Modena, Italy and witnessed the birth of a baby lamb in Wales. I tasted oysters straight from the water at an oyster farm in Ireland and saw a bald eagle at the Ashokan Reservoir in the Hudson Valley. Here are a few favorite moments in 2017, captured in photographs on Instagram.

The year kicked off with a seafood-centric visit to Maine.

Sunsets in Miami are an antidote to the winter blues.

In the Welsh countryside, I held a week old baby lamb.In the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, I visited the home of parmigiano-reggiano cheese.

In the Piemonte region of northern Italy, I couldn’t get enough of the local goat cheese.

During a trip to Connemara, in the west of Ireland, I stumbled on a recently opened oyster farm.

In Ulster County, New York, I got a new understanding of close city escapes.

Early in 2018, I kicked off the year with some falconry at Adare Manor in Ireland.


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