Pairings That Pop

When I got engaged last year, I was suddenly faced with a fridge full of champagne. Generous friends and family unknowingly prompted a series of experiments at my apartment — what goes with champagne? We started out with traditional pairings of cheese, maybe a few oysters. Yet the more I talked to winemakers, bartenders, and chefs, the more I discovered that they like their champagne with much more than the usual suspects.

The more I talked to beverage professionals, the more high-low pairings I heard about: popping a bottle of champagne after popping some popcorn. Champagne and barbeque straight off the grill. Champagne and fried chicken. The acidity and distinct effervescence of champagne makes an ideal pairing with heavy or oily foods, from onion rings to truffle fries.

The champagne in my fridge is all gone now, but I did write about this trend for Wall Street Journal Magazine, in a story called Pairings That Pop. Restaurants from New York, Paris, and London shared their favorite pairings, both sweet and savory.

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