The Streets of Bratislava

This weekend in the New York Times travel section, there was an article on Bratislava, Slovakia.

The images and descriptions of this city — just an hour from Vienna without the crowds typical of Vienna — brought me right back to these streets where I spent a few blissful, wandering days. I had just come from Vienna, during a rainy April when I longed to see any burst of color in the Austrian city. A quick train journey to Bratislava, and the sun was shining. Tulips were popping up. The chairs were out at sidewalk cafes.

I had planned on staying just a day or two, but with an affordable room in an inn just off the main square, an incredible breakfast included in my room rate, and lots of laneways to wander and get lost, there was no reason to leave.

Here are a few photographs from the streets of Bratislava.

These fun sculptures were scattered throughout the city.

Wouldn’t you want to get lost here?



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  1. I’m there right now to learn the language and I love the city as well!!! 🙂
    The center it’s lovely 🙂

    1. Jessica Colley says:

      Fun reason to visit! Enjoy your stay. Thanks for reading.

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