The Affordable Side of Dublin

Things have changed in the city that used to be called one of  ‘the most expensive capitals in Europe’.

It’s affordable again. During the boom years of the Celtic Tiger, you had to search to find value, but now the city can once again be called affordable. Cheap flights and packages have made trips to Ireland more appealing than ever, but it still pays to know where to look for affordable food and entertainment. That’s where EuroCheapo comes in.

Grafton Street, in Dublin’s City Centre

I’ve started writing for this website that specializes in all things cheap in Europe. On their blog you will find up to date suggestions from writers who are on the ground in destinations across Europe. Short and sweet, I’m drawn to these blog posts because they provide attainable fun for travelers of any budget. Cheap often forces travelers off the beaten path as well, scratching beneath the surface of common and expensive attractions, restaurants, and entertainment.

Here’s a round-up (and links) of my first few pieces over on EuroCheapo. Check it out and let me know in the comments box below if there’s anything else you want to know about how to travel to Dublin affordably.

Affordable Theater Tickets:  In the Irish capital city, theater tickets can cost the same as a few pints of Guinness. Despite the fact that Dublin is one of the literary capitals in the English-speaking world, theater tickets have remained affordable across the board. With a long tradition of story-telling and good humor, it should come as no surprise that the pleasure of attending theater is accessible to the masses.

The Mespil Street Market in Dublin – try the Paddy Jack sandwich.

3 Outdoor Food Markets: Before I tasted the Paddy Jack Sandwich, I thought I had tasted Irish lamb. Then one Saturday I was browsing through an outdoor food market in the Temple Bar District of Dublin and my perceptions were forever changed. This €5 sandwich consists of two country-thick slices of olive bread, generous slices of roasted lamb, brie cheese, special sauce, and a pile of arugula and mixed greens.

Dublin’s Bike Share Program: In 2009, the streetscape in Dublin changed for good. Almost overnight the bicycle lanes were filled with splashes of blue – the Dublin bikes (or simply ‘db’) bike-share program had launched. A development like this in a city as small as Dublin caused quite a stir.

Dublin’s bike-share program, Dublin Bikes

Breakfast and Brunch with a Twist: You don’t have to order the (sort of scary?) black pudding or the full Irish breakfast to enjoy a meal that will banish your Guinness-induced headache on a Sunday morning in Dublin. While there are still plenty of places in town to find your traditional ‘fry’ (as an Irish breakfast is often called), there are also new places serving up brunch with a twist.

Dublin’s Free Museums: Dublin might have a rainy reputation, but this city has many free museums where you can leisurely wait out a storm. Travelers might automatically be drawn to free art museums, but are also fascinating literature and science exhibits too.

Check out EuroCheapo’s blog for great tidbits from writers in Barcelona, Paris, London, Venice, and more.


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