Six Months of Brunch – Part II

Were you craving a leisurely brunch after last week’s post?

If the descriptions of spicy, decadent, and gooey brunch dishes from last week weren’t enough – here’s the final three to round out my favorite six brunch spots in NYC over the last six months. Do you have any suggestions of places I should try in the next six? Let me know about your favorites at the bottom of the page.


508 – Soho

Every neighborhood needs a comfortable place where you don’t need a reservation and can get a cozy table with relative ease. In my neighborhood of Soho, that restaurant is 508. It’s located in the far-western reaches of Soho, just a block away from the West Side Highway. Out here, there are few tourists or shoppers walking around browsing in boutiques. This part of the neighborhood is utilized by people that live here. One day I was walking by around the time I moved into the neighborhood, and the menu caught my eye. A woman walking her dog was passing me and stopped to say, ‘Best restaurant in the neighborhood. Hands down.’

That very weekend I was back for brunch. 508 gets many things right, from its comfortable and serene atmosphere to its portions. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than finishing brunch and still being hungry, wondering if you should have ordered a side dish or two. The opposite was true of my experience at 508. I ordered simple Eggs Florentine, and the perfectly poached eggs were served beside a generous portion of herb roasted potatoes. That’s the kind of brunch that will keep you going until dinner. This restaurant is also just down the road from an adorable little antique cookbook store. You can read my review of it on Not For Tourists.


Bubby’s – Tribeca

There are days where you want a dainty little brunch where everything on the plate is perfectly placed, and all of the colors and textures are perfectly balanced. Then there are the days where you wake up starving – maybe with a little bit of a headache – and you want the big plates that are served at Bubby’s. This popular Tribeca spot had me at the complimentary buttermilk biscuits. Bubby’s seems to understand that many people don’t eat before venturing out to brunch, and these warm biscuits served with butter and jam are the ideal small bite to hold you over until brunch arrives.

My one complaint about Bubby’s was that it seemed so popular that they ran out of quite a few menu items. I never mind being told in the beginning if the restaurant is out of something, but there’s always a little bit of a sting when you’ve already decided and are placing your order only for your waitress to tell you, ‘sorry we’re out of that’. Luckily there were several other appealing options on the menu, and I didn’t even come close to finishing what was on my plate. Bubby’s also takes pride in their coffee, which was a lovely way to extend a late morning brunch.

Breakfast at Bubby’s

Good – West Village

A fellow food writer had been raving about Good in the West Village with such passion, that I had to give the spot a try. A sunny table outside was an ideal way to begin the day, although the interior looked like a fun and stylish place to catch up with friends as well. Maybe the following comment is a result of my upbringing in New Jersey.. but I love a breakfast platter. That’s right, a few wonderful little things all on one plate. One option on the Good brunch menu includes buttermilk pancakes, turkey bacon, poached eggs, and home fries too.

I was also tempted by a section of the menu titled ‘house-made breads’. You can also choose a little sampler from this menu, choosing three items to nibble on before the real deal arrives. Tempting options include hand-rolled orange sour cream donuts, blueberry almond bread, savory cheddar cornbread, and more. Narrowing down the options to just three will make you want to return again next week. If frequent customers have one complaint, it is that Good doesn’t accept reservations. Show up early or late (aka not right at 1pm) if you don’t want to have a wait time ahead of you.

Brunch Menu at Good



6 Comments Add yours

  1. B-Ball says:

    No Pastis?!?!

    1. Jessica Colley says:

      We all have our individual favorites Brad 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  2. B-Ball says:

    No Pastis?!?!

    1. Jessica Colley says:

      We all have our individual favorites Brad 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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