Travelers Unite

When we travel, one inside tip can make all the difference. Finding that off-the-beaten path market, that restaurant where you’re the only one not speaking the local language, or that wine bar where the prices are as good as the variety, typically only happens when someone is willing to share their knowledge about an authentic experience. That is a lot of what this blog is about – sharing inside tips that will turn travel into experiences.

I receive a lot of questions about Ireland, Italy, and about Europe in general, but recently I received an e-mail from a friend who is traveling to Barcelona and is looking for inside tips. I don’t know Barcelona very well, but instead of writing an apology e-mail, I posed the question to my fellow travel and food writers on Twitter. In a simple, 140 character message, I told my followers that I was looking for tips on Barcelona for friends of mine who were interested in history and cuisine. Within moments, the responses came flooding in.

After sifting through everything, here are some Barcelona tips from people who know and love the city.

@localbarcelona Recommended a city blog written by Barcelona locals. This website reveals up to date information from the perspective of those that know the city best.

@nctaylor Recommended tapas at La Boqueira, a favorite market, and some of her top attractions included Park Guell, Museu Picasso, and Palau Musica. She also shared a helpful link on Goop.

@insidetravellab Recommended the local specialty, Crema Catalana, and provided more info on this delicious dessert.

@travelcwb Recommended some top attractions in Valencia, and mentioned taking cooking classes at the local Paella school.

Thanks everyone for sharing your inside tips!

Photo Credit: SXC


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