Vignettes From Across Europe

Yesterday I saw part of a film that was entirely vignettes. The only thing that linked them together was that they took place in the same city. This angle painted a clear picture through the use of many different fragments. It got me to thinking about all of the photographs I have from my travels across Europe that might not warrant a full post, but how about a vignette?

This is a red-haired Scottish bull. I met him during a tour of the Scottish Highlands, when my small tour group stopped at a whiskey tasting in the middle of nowhere. At 11am, I didn’t have much of a thirst for whiskey, and neither did many of the other non-Scottish travelers. Our interest was the landscape, the creatures, the spectacular colors of the Scottish Highlands. We did learn one interesting thing about whiskey at the tasting – apparently Scottish mothers use it to soothe teething babies.

A couple hours after meeting the red-haired bull, we turned a country corner and this landscape was revealed. Even the driver who must see this Loch in the Scottish Highlands multiple times per week was struck silent. It’s beauty, particularly on this still day where the clouds and mountain were reflecting perfectly, was in itself well worth the 14 hour driving trip.

Recently I was asked about the best things to do in Dresden. Anytime this city in Germany is mentioned this photograph comes into mind – it was taken at dusk right after one of those long, lingering, European meals that inevitably includes an extra drink or two after dinner. While I did recommend the little boys choir at the Cathedral in Dresden, my memory is this view, walking along the river at dusk, back to my private room on a steamboat inn. If you are at all prone to seasickness, I don’t recommend this unusual accommodation choice. If you’re traveling on a budget, it’s a brilliant choice.

Berlin is a city of endless discoveries. My fascination with the city is not only because of this fact – but because everywhere you look the residents of Berlin are transforming their city, taking it back, and creating a place that they are proud to live. This photo was taken on the Alternative Berlin Tour – a small walking tour that will bring you to some of Berlin’s less-visited neighborhoods.

Perhaps as a result of its past, the residents of Berlin are no longer afraid to speak their mind. This is evident across the city, from conversations you overhear in restaurants or bars, to written clearly on the walls. This is a photo of a construction site in East Berlin, where improvements were under way. Someone wasn’t happy with the way this was described in the above banner – and decided to leave their own impressions.

Check back for more vignettes from travels across Europe (or why not sign up to receive posts by e-mail? Top right corner…) Upcoming ‘shorts’ with photographs include Ronda in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal, Siena in Italy, and more.


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