A Sunny Saturday in Dublin

It is rare to wake up in Dublin on a Saturday with sunlight streaming through the windows.

On such an occasion, there’s no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than somewhere along the coast. When my friends James and Michelle offered to be my tour guides for the day and bring me down to an area along the coast I’ve never been – I couldn’t resist.

An hour later we were cruising south outside of the city center. I had forgotten my sunglasses – something I rarely think about leaving the house because I never need them. We pulled off the motorway and into Bray, a former summer holiday destination that has retained some of its summer charm over the years.

We parked the car near the sea and a quick ice cream cone later began the walk south to the next village along the coast, Greystones. From the start of the path it was possible to look back towards Dublin city, where the coast was bathed in light. The water was a bit choppy, but a few minutes later I’d be glad for the breeze coming off the sea.

The path followed the craggy coast and was dotted with wildflowers and old stone fences. The DART train line follows the coast as well and every so often a train charged out of tunnels in the rock to continue its journey along the coast. After our hour and a half walk, we too would board the DART back to where we started in Bray.

After maneuvering over puddles and mud, watching rain water find its way to the sea, and following the winding path around many turns in the coast – Greystones appeared in the near distance. Turning around the curve in the coast – the sunlight struck our faces. This may not be unusual for some parts of the world – but for a cold January day in Dublin – it felt damn good.

The adorable village of Greystones was even more of a reward for our walk. We had all built up quite an appetite – and the natural food cafe ‘The Happy Pear’ was the perfect solution. With perfect afternoon options like a bowl of soup, salad, or smoothie – we were all quickly satisfied before hopping aboard the DART for the quick ride back to Bray.

What a great little Saturday.


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