New York City can meet any food craving at any time. For me, growing up in a household with an Italian background, that craving is often Italian. I want to walk into a restaurant and be smacked in the face with slow-cooked aromas that remind me of home. I want to read a menu that […]

I became a traveler again, faced with all a traveler’s problems. I was in the center of Dublin — the city I called home from 2008 – 2010 — and instead of a resident, I was a visitor with a visitor’s worries: where to stay, where to eat, what to do, how to manage my […]

Chef Paul McCabe looked down at my feet, making sure I was wearing correct shoes for the kitchen. ‘Those will do’ he said, motioning for me to follow him through the open kitchen and back into the prep kitchen of Kitchen 1540, the award-winning restaurant at L’Auberge Del Mar, a boutique getaway just north of […]

On my recent trip to Dublin I was asked by an American traveler, ‘if you had one day in Dublin, what would you do?’ We were sitting at breakfast munching on fresh-baked brown soda bread while sunlight streamed through the windows. This question can be answered in many ways – I mentioned a couple of […]

Is there anything more delicious than a vacation Monday? Sleeping in when the rest of the world is getting up. Savoring a leisurely breakfast with an extra cup of tea. This was the beginning to my Monday waking up in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London, where I spent a lazy day wandering through the […]

Tomorrow, I’ll be on the red eye to London. This city was the first place my Dad took me to Europe as a pre-double digit child. Where my plane landed when I studied at Oxford. Where my Grand Tour of Europe began. Yet what surprises me every time I touch down in Heathrow is how […]

There’s a small patch of grass in Hudson River Park where all the flowers are stretching for the sun. I have been nibbling on picnics in this spot since early spring, and watched these flowers first break ground to now being over two feet in height. People in New York are doing the same thing […]